Contact Us

Faith United Methodist Church

6810 Montrose Road
Rockville, Maryland 20852

phone: 301-881-1881

fax: 301-881-1617

The Church Office is open, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm

Rev. Kathryn Woodrow

Rev. Dr. Kathryn Woodrow, Senior Pastor

Learn more about Pastor Kathryn

extension 2101

rev. ken jones

Rev. Kenneth Jones, Pastor Emeritus

michael wu

Michael Wu, Director of Music

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scott roby

Scott Roby, Director of Congregational Care

Learn more about Scott

extension 2251

gina dawson

Gina Dawson, Director of Christian Education

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extension 2250

bob holder

Bob Holder, Organist

Learn more about Bob

rosemarie lapham

Rosemarie Lapham, Director of Faith Preschool

Learn more about Rosemarie

phone: 301-881-1416

Additional Staff

JD Garris, Director of Youth Ministry,

Jan Spencer, Financial Manager, extension 2150,

Theresa Eggleston, Office Manager,


Tessa Ricketts, Nursery Caregiver

Andre Coleman, Tenor Soloist

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