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“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity” - Paul in 1 Timothy 4:12


Ready to Own Your Faith?

Who are YOU with God, with your peers, with your faith community, with the world? What does it mean to be a Christian and why?


Summer 2017: June 18-August 27

Our youth classes take a summer break. You are invited to worship at either our 8:45am Chapel in the Woods casual worship service or our 10:00am Traditional service in the Sanctuary. Be sure to let Pastor Kathryn know if you would like to participate.

We will resume our regular schedule (see below) in September 2017.



Contact Gina Dawson, Director of Christian Education

301-881-1881, ext. 2250

group of middle school youth
Crossroads: Middle School Life Choices

6th-8th Grade

Sundays, 10:00am, in Room 205

You stand at a crossroads. You’re dealing with weird changes in life. Nothing is as simple as it seemed when you were in elementary school. School is weird. Are you a kid or a teenager? Should you play or get serious (or both)? Why does everything have to change? Friends are now super importantant while you feel more tension with your family. Why? And the way middle schoolers treat each other - why do we do that? And this thing called Christianity? What does it have to do with your life? How can God and Faith Church help you navigate these crossroads in your life?

This is what our Middle School class is all about. We’ll tackle life issues in an interactive way - games, drama, reading, discussion, and more. We also will be inviting special guests from the congregation so you can connect more with your faith community and talk about how they dealt with life’s issues as a teenager. We will also participate in a Communion Service once a quarter - what is worship all about?

group of high school youth
The Well: A Senior High Bible Study

9th-12th Grade

Sundays, 10:00am, in Room 206

What if we came together in a central place and time to wrestle with God - to figure out whether life with God is important in the midst of our daily grind? What if all of us - you, your peers, and your guides (teachers) were co-learners on this journey?

Stories are powerful. Stories transform us, taking us into a different world where we too can get swept away. Our lives have a story all their own, one that intertwines with others both near and far. Listening to a friend’s story, what happens to you and them? Sharing your story, what happens to you and them? Making connections, aha moments, silence, and more… all part of sharing in each other’s stories.

What about sharing in God’s Story? What happens to you, your peers, your guides, God, the congregation, and the world? Let’s see where exploring and wrestling with God’s Story takes us. Who is this God? Who are you? Who are we together?

young man looking onto the horizon

One of the most important rites of passage for young people in the United Methodist Church is Confirmation - the opportunity for young people to take the next step on their faith journey, and make a commitment to God and to being a part of the Body of Christ.

Confirmation is open to youth in at least 7th grade.

Contact Pastor Kathryn if you are interested., 301-881-1881, ext. 2101.


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