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“Volume Three” of our popular film and theology series, hosted by Director of Congregational Care Scott Roby, will run from September 2017 to May 2018. This series’ theme will be “Embracing The Other” and will include films dealing with a challenge relevant to everyone today: how can individuals or communities not only understand the stranger in their midst, but also actively welcome them, despite differences of theology, culture, race, or (yes) even species! Bring a friend!

Join us in Rooms 205/206 (the youth rooms) from 6:30pm to 9:00pm for the movie, discussion, and refreshments. We are providing movie fare - pizza, popcorn and drinks. Childcare & Transportation will be provided. Contact Gina Dawson to reserve your spot. See you at the movies!

301-881-1881, ext. 2006


“Map of the Human Heart”

January 5, 2018, 6:30-9:30pm, Room 205/206

We kick off the new year with an epic romance and the movie Roger Ebert proclaimed was “one of the best of 1992” and The Washington Post called “Astounding!”: Map of the Human Heart (rated R).

Directed by Vincent Ward (What Dreams May Come), the film tells the story of a half-Eskimo boy named Avik, who first leaves his arctic home with a British mapmaker in 1925 to seek medical attention in Canada. In Montreal, Avik meets Albertine, a half-Indian girl with whom his life will be forever linked. Spanning decades and distance through war and adversity, their star-crossed relationship becomes a grand adventure for both, and a deeply spiritual journey for Avik. Featuring actors Jason Scott Lee, Anne Parillaud, Patrick Bergen, and John Cusack.


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