Disciple 3: Remember Who You Are, The Prophets and The Letters of Paul

32 Week Bible Study on Tuesdays, 7:30-9:00pm, starting September 25, 2018

Prerequisite: Disciple 1 recommended, but not required (discuss with Gina Dawson before signing up)

Why does God send the prophets to Israel and Judah? Why does Paul write letters to church communities? Because we can easily forget. Just like the Israelites and the early church, life happens, we go along with our days, and we forget. The Prophets and the Letters of Paul remind us of who we are as children of God.

As we explore these books of the Bible over 32 weeks with our peers, scholars will help us with historical and geographical context. We will understand Bible study as a call to repentance – to turn life toward God, and echoes the demand of the prophets and Paul to put God first – to be a community of obedience… and not forget.

Instead of going for 32 straight weeks, we will be taking breaks at various points and for the summer. Join us for an information session on Sunday, September 16, 2018 following the 10:00am worship service in Room 206.

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