Entering the Chasm Series

A Community of Faith

Have you ever rappelled off a cliff? You need harnesses, ropes, gear, guides & companions, anchors, and trust. Once you’re all set up, you stand at the edge of the cliff and walk backwards off the cliff! You slowly descend, at times pushing off the cliff to drop down and away from the cliff face, trusting that the rope and anchors will hold you.

For the past two years, some of us have been on a journey with a Community of Faith in a series called “the Other.” We’ve read and heard stories of people who may, or may not, be different from us, seeking some sort of understanding (see list )

This journey has been helpful for us, but God is leading us to go deeper, to not just bridge gaps, but to enter the chasm. You know the chasm – the one that exists between groups of people that seems so broad and deep that there doesn’t appear to be any way to traverse it — polarization, tribal conflicts, generational gaps, racial strife, religious conflicts, and more. Do we stay here and dig in? How do we traverse it? Do we build a bridge? Or do we enter into the chasm in all its messiness and danger, inviting others to meet us in this space? What will happen when we do? How do we enter this space? Who can help us? What is needed?

Rappelling is an interesting metaphor for this journey. We need guides, support, gear, and a trust to walk backwards off the cliff of our position to meet others. God provides all that we need – companions for the journey, prayer, God’s Word, gifts of the Spirit, and a love that holds us up as we walk off the cliff… and more. We do not enter this space alone. This journey into “Entering the Chasm” is a way for us to read, watch, discuss, pray, discern, practice, and support one another.

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“Black & White: Disrupting Racism One Friendship at a Time ”

November 13, 7:00-8:30pm, Combination in-person & Zoom discussion

We are reading and discussing Black & White: Disrupting Racism One Friendship at a Time by Teesha Hadra and John Hambrick. Teesha, a young black woman, and John, a white man in his 60s, bring a confident and redemptive tone to the hope that friendships can change the world because that is exactly what they experienced. Black & White offers their story, surrounding it with others’ stories, practical advice, and exploration of the systems of racism to motivate you to consider your own role in the change.

We will discuss the book ($15), begin practicing, and meet again a month or so later to discuss our experiences. Books (& sign up sheet) are available at the Mailboxes next to the church office or by contacting Gina Dawson.

If you are joining via Zoom, you will receive a Zoom link from Gina after signing up. If you need to test out your equipment and make sure you are comfortable, let Gina know and we can do a test run. At a minimum you need an internet connection and microphone. Video is also recommended, but not required.

two men tossing rope over cliff in preparation for rappelling
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