Book Study - “The Case for Christ”

Tuesdays, 7:00pm, beginning April 21, 2020, with Brian & Susan Jones

One of radio’s and TV’s most memorable characters was Joe Friday (Dragnet), a no-nonsense police detective from 1949 to 2003, who made famous the phrase, “Just the facts, Ma’am.” Lee Strobel, a bestselling author who holds a Master of Studies in Law from Yale Law School, a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, and is a former legal affairs editor from the Chicago Tribune, carries on this tradition in his book The Case for Christ. Guided by facts and written for people who like evidence, data, and logic-driven thinking, he explores 14 investigative questions about Jesus, his life, and his legacy:

Part 1 - Examining the Record

  • Can the biographies of Jesus be trusted?
  • Do the biographies of Jesus stand up to scrutiny?
  • Were Jesus’ biographies reliably preserved for us?
  • Does archaeology confirm or contradict Jesus’ biographies?
  • Is the Jesus of history the same as the Jesus of faith?


Part 2 - Analyzing Jesus

  • Was Jesus really convinced that he was the son of God?
  • Was Jesus crazy when he claimed to be the son of God?
  • Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God?
  • Did Jesus, and Jesus alone, match the identity of the Messiah?


Part 3 - The Resurrection

  • Was Jesus’ death a sham and his resurrection a hoax?
  • Was Jesus’ body really absent from his tomb?
  • Was Jesus seen alive after his death on the cross?
  • Are there any supporting facts that point to the resurrection?


Each session will be approximately one hour and cover one question in the book. The last session will summarize and wrestle with the “so what” question, What does the evidence establish, and what does it mean today? Each person or couple will need to purchase a copy of the book on their own due to the current Stay-at-Home direction and social distancing. It is widely available in paperback or electronic form from any number of online sources.

Contact Gina Dawson to do a Zoom test or sign up, and you will receive the Zoom credentials for this gathering (link, phone numbers, password, etc.).

women at the empty tomb on easter morning
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