Small Bites: Faith & Bite-Sized Films on Zoom

Wednesday, November 11, 12:30pm: Status Quo

How is it that some chefs can create such a tiny morsel with a flavor profile that packs a punch? We’re not talking about hot & spicy; more like flavors that are provocative, engaging, lingering. They are the ones that make you stop, savor, and be transformed.

Much like these Small Bites of food, The Work of the People created short films with engaging theologians, missionaries, thinkers, authors, and more that are provocative, engaging, and cause us to linger.

Our next thought-provoking film is “Status Quo,” featuring Walter Brueggeman. Is the church’s voice mono-lingual? Are we too quick to deny our pain? Walter Brueggemann talks about the alternative voice of the wounded. Through the wounded we have honest access to our pain. Join us over your lunch break as we watch and ponder a short video followed by our 15-20 minute discussion.  Will you join with others in this Small Bite of time, opening ourselves to God’s work of transformation?  Questions or to receive the Zoom credentials? (Contact Gina Dawson )

woman eating
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