Moving Meditation Walks

Thursdays, 8:00am with Kathleen Moore

Join us for a moving meditation on Thursday mornings. All walks will be on local wooded trails, will be easy or moderate, and will take less than an hour. The walks will be guided by Kathleen Moore who is familiar with trail selections. This will offer an opportunity to be in meditation with nature and allow quiet time for self reflection. No need to RSVP. Drop in as you are able. We will observe social distancing. Please bring a mask. All ages welcome. Contact Kathleen Moore with questions.

Wear comfortable shoes with good soles; hiking shoes are recommended. Recommend wearing a hat and bringing water, as well as your face mask. If there is inclement weather, call the church office (301-881-1881) and the main voice mail message will indicate if the walk has been cancelled.

October Walks - 8, 15, 22, 29: The group will meet this week at 8100 Bradley Blvd. for an easy 2 mile walk.
people walking
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